Beauty tech success: 4 ways to reach your full potential

Investing in beauty technology is a great way to keep your salon, spa or clinic up to date with the latest high-tech treatments, but in the fast paced and competitive world of beauty and aesthetics, it can take more than a machine to really stand out from the crowd.

  1. We train you up - A shiny new aesthetic device is only as good as the beauty therapist operating it, which is why at The Global Beauty Group we place a high importance on providing expert device training for our customers. We guide our customers through all aspects of scientific theory and hands-on practical techniques for their technology investment so that they can gain an intricate understanding of how to operate their equipment to its fullest potential. Our comprehensive, multi-day training programs are designed to empower beauty professionals with expert knowledge and precision, so that they can get up and running with complete confidence when it’s time to put their new skills into action.
  1. Our included marketing support is just one of the reasons why The Global Beauty Group is considered to be the number one supplier of medical grade equipment in the world. A solid marketing plan is crucial for the success of any new technology investment, but not every beauty business has the time, resources or money to give the marketing side of things as much attention as it needs. Our ongoing marketing support equips beauty businesses with regularly updated resources such as ready-to-go posters, brochures, pre-written website copy, stock imagery, social media guides waiting room videos, and more. Our marketing team takes the stress out of promoting your new technology, so you can focus on delivering attention-grabbing treatments that build your client base and push your profits to greater heights.

  2. At The Global Beauty Group, we believe that post-sales technical support is a must when investing in new treatment technology. We provide our customers with phone-based technical support, as well as a team of engineers located Australia-wide in the rare event a machine malfunctions. We also provide our customers with troubleshooting video guides, same-day dispatch on loan devices, and a spare parts availability service to ensure there is minimal disruption to your day when a technical matter arises.
  1. Our unique clinical support service is just another way we provide the best customer support in the industry. From ready-to-go consultation and patient consent forms, to treatment protocols and skin physiology guides — we help to ensure clinical procedures are carried out smoothly, effectively and efficiently. With The Global Beauty Group ongoing clinical support service, daily operations in your salon, spa or clinic can be conducted with maximum productivity and minimal stress, allowing for a more harmonious work environment that benefits not only your staff, but your clients as well.











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