Does your beauty business offer professional skin analysis?

In the age of technology and the internet, clients are more informed about their skin than ever — so when they come to you for insight into their skin, they are seeking information that is above and beyond what they can discover with a quick search in Google.

This is one of the reasons why the use of skin analysis technology and beauty equipment have become such a crucial part of the treatment process. The skin consultation is your first, and sometimes only chance to demonstrate to clients your expertise as a skin professional, and the most effective way to do this is by engaging the use of strategic analytical devices.

A professional skin analysis machine takes the guesswork out of diagnosing imbalances in the skin as the analytical methods of examining the skin are able to see beyond what the naked eye can. This eliminates the potential risk of treating the symptoms, instead of the underlying cause of a skin condition, which can plummet a client into a vicious cycle of wasted time, money and extreme frustration when they are not getting the results they expect from your treatments.

Cutting-edge skin analysers can offer fact-based scientific data that measure key skin characteristics such as moisture, hydration, redness, oil/sebum, pigmentation and collagen, and can even generate reports that can be shared with the client. Such personalised information regarding a client’s skin structure simply cannot be gathered any other way except through the use of skin analysis technology, and it also allows for intricate analysis of imbalances at a dermal level where skin conditions tend to originate.

When the full spectrum of a client’s skin structure can be objectively analysed and assessed, you are better placed to develop a treatment plan that  treats conditions at their root, and actually gives the client the physical, and psychological results they are after. So if you are not yet offering consultations conducted with skin analysis technology, there is no better time to start looking at the best skin analyser options to suit your business and budget.

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