five reasons to get your business a microdermabrasion machine

  1. It’s popular Did you know that microdermabrasion remains one of the most popular ‘walk in, walk out’ cosmetic procedures today, despite the technology having being around for over 30 years? The reason being that it simply works—and yields psychologically satisfying results for the client with both its instantaneous results, and cumulative treatment benefits.

  2. It’s advancing Microdermabrasion is just getting better and better as new innovations such as a hydrodermabrasion surface on the market. Hydrodermabrasion machines combine ultra-thorough crystal-free exfoliation with the added benefit of intensive hydration delivered through strategic jets in the handpiece. This advanced method produces brighter skin corrective results and is a suitable treatment for even sensitive skin types.

  3. It’s compact Even the most space-limited beauty salons can fit a top quality microdermabrasion machines in their treatment space. Compared to other aesthetic technologies, the best microdermabrasion systems are now impressively compact and streamlined, which means they can neatly fit on a tabletop or treatment trolley for easy transportation between service areas.

  4. It’s profit-boosting Although you can certainly sell microdermabrasion as a single treatment, for optimum results a course of treatments is generally recommended—making microdermabrasion a fantastic treatment packaging opportunity. Packaging treatments not only ensures repeat business for you, but also provides good value for money for the customer, as packages are typically offered at a discounted or special price.

  5. It’s hi-tech The beauty industry is evolving at a rapid rate thanks to technology, and customers are now fully aware that hi-tech treatments can offer them better, more satisfying, and even more instantaneous results when compared to traditional skincare facials. Microdermabrasion machines form an integral part of every leading salon, clinic and spa as it’s a hugely popular pathway for consumers looking to take their first steps into the fast-growing field of non-surgical cosmetic procedures.
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