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Microdermabrasion Machines for Sale

At the Global Beauty Group we lead the way when it comes to microdermabrasion technology. Our microdermabrasion machines combine all the latest technologies into the one machine so you can achieve spectacular results for your clients like never before.

We offer the best quality microdermabrasion machines for sale on the market, ones that utilise the latest and most effective technology to renew and revitalise skin and address various skin concerns, while providing immediate and long-term results.

Our microdermabrasion machines also work in tandem with AQUAFUSE product infusions. Our systems pave the way for deep penetration of the powerful and skin-correcting ingredients that AQUAFUSE nourishes and renews the skin with. From acne to anti-ageing and pigmentation, you can offer your clients tailored treatment courses that specifically work to address and improve their individual skin concerns.

One such machine is the outstanding Bio-Hydroderm Trinity™ which is the latest wave in hi-tech microdermabrasion equipment. It combines 3 advanced technologies, ultra-sleek design, digital control system and full digital display. 

The Bio-Hydroderm Trinity™ boasts a wet/dry exfoliation system thanks to its ergonomic diamond tip handpiece and controlled vacuum pressure monitor. The results are polished, thoroughly exfoliated and hydrated looking skin without the hassle of downtime or skin irritation that other models can incur with their application.


 The Bio-Hydroderm Trinity™ microdermabrasion machine is also lightweight and quiet, making it a sophisticated addition to any salon, spa or clinic and a rewarding investment for both your business and clients alike.

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