micro needling equipment

Dermal Pen PRO

Dermal Pen PRO equips aestheticians with a sophisticated and advanced approach to clinical skin needling. This ultra-modern mechanised handheld device powers the vertical treatment head to induce controlled micro wounds that can be adjusted from 0.25 millimetres, to an industry-leading depth of 2.5 millimetres. This vertical delivery method stops the needle from creating damaging trenches in the epidermis, as can happen with traditional dermal rollers, making Dermal Pen PRO skin needling pen treatments less traumatic on the skin, and more effective in treatment depth and resulting collagen synthesis.

What does Dermal Pen PRO do?

  • Stimulates production of collagen and elastin.
  • Plumps skin to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.
  • Improves overall skin smoothness, clarity and texture.
  • Fills in depressed acne scars and phases out skin irregularities.

System highlights

  • Variable needle length depths via the rotating ring (0.25mm - 2.5mm).
  • 2 operating modes: wireless battery and DC adapter continuous power.
  • 5 speed settings for further customised treatment.
  • Sturdy metal casing designed for high volume/frequent use.
  • Low noise operation encourages a calm service experience.

Dermal Pen PRO micro needling equipment explained

  • Through mechanised delivery, the device creates upright micro-injuries, which minimises epidermal trauma, bleeding and discomfort.
  • Aestheticians can select treatment depths ranging from 0.25mm to 2.5mm depending on the severity of the skin concern.
  • This process kickstarts the skin’s natural healing mechanism, inducing collagen and elastin synthesis, which in time produces new, healthy, soft and clear skin.
  • The pen treats the face, neck, décolleté and backs of hands.
  • Aestheticians can combine treatment with strategic skin corrective topicals, which are drived deeper into the dermis through the created micro wounds.
  • Sessions are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart to allow skin to fully heal and regenerate.


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