Oxygen Facial Machines For Sale

Oxygen Facial Therapy takes traditional facials to a much deeper, cellular level by utilising the power of pure oxygen to breathe new life into the skin while oxygenating and detoxifying the skin cells for an invigorating glow and youthful appearance. Oxygen facials work wonderful as part of an ongoing anti-ageing skin preservation plan, but are also popular as a one-off pampering facial or instant makeover treatment for clients wishing to look fresh, radiant and youthful for a special day or big event.

Benefits of Oxygen Facial Therapy

  • Treatment is non-irritating making it ideal for even sensitive skin types
  •  Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin’s firmness and suppleness
  • Targets acne-causing bacteria for blemish-free skin
  • Intensely hydrates and revitalises dry, tired, stressed-out skin
  •  Stimulates blood and lymphatic flow for an instant glow
  • Plumps up sunken, deflated skin for a younger look
  • Reduces enlarged pores for a more uniform complexion
  • Can address pigmentation for a clearer, brighter appearance
  • Results are both instant and cumulative

Skin therapists looking to broaden their skills and treatment menu offerings can enjoy becoming an expert oxygen facial specialist with The Global Beauty Group. Included with the purchase of our industry-leading oxygen equipment, customers also receive a free, comprehensive device training program conducted by our qualified trainers, plus access to ongoing technical, clinical and marketing support to maximise your impact, service standards and profitable outcomes with your exciting new treatment technology.

It’s personalised extras such as these that make The Global Beauty Group the #1 Aesthetic and Medical Grade Devices and Skin Care company in the world as regarded by salon, spa, clinic and practice owners.

bt-Accent AIR™ - Technology for ageless skin

  • Oxygen infusion technology – Utilises 94% pure, ambient oxygen free ofnitrogen and other harmful elements and skin corrective infusions for advanced cellular wellbeing
  • Tailored treatment protocols – A choice of 6 treatment protocols ranging from acne to pigmentation and anti-ageing enable ultra-personalised facial services
  • 3 different application methods – Achieve individual client objectives with the Bio-Wand™, Bio-Jet™ and Bio-Dome™ facial accessories
  • Quiet operation – Offers a calming, relaxing and luxurious facial experience for clients and maintains an ambient salon or spa environment
  • Cutting-edge design – Sleek, modern body  with computerised switch controls provides easy operation and movability while blending in stylishly into any treatment room environment
  • Service versatility – Both powerful as a high end, stand-alone facial treatment or as an add-on service for enhanced microdermabrasion, microcurrent and LED results
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